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Design studio visualizes the ideas, packaging and functionality of an interior. Here the prospective interior is born. With the help of the newest software the CJSC  “Rusaviainter” specialists develop an individual design project for a customer:

  • interior 3-D model design;
  • album of three-axis views of an interior (creation of drafts of style and colour choice);
  • specifications for an interior;
  • colour and surface texture card;
  • project of target specification for the detail planning;
  • preparing of the list of materials and components.

Out of several layout drawings we choose the one which the best corresponds to all the Customer’s wishes and operation requirements. The way of inner space organization, the main systems that will be installed on board, accessories and materials, general colour choice – all is included in a Design Project. Individually for every Customer we choose different variants of colours and surface texture for leather, fabric, carpets, wood veneer, we think over the ways of trimming and decoration. By this time the Customer has an opportunity to imagine the prospective interior quite precisely. However, style and quality should not run counter to the functionality and comfort.




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