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Operating repair of interiors of two planes IL-96-300 Print E-mail

10 April 2011.

JSCS “Rusaviainter "  makes operating repair of interiors of two planes IL-96-300 (a board number 02011 and 02014) under the contract with the company «Ilyushin Finans Ko.».

Within the limits of Contract performance on the servicing developed according to the special State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation program, JSCS “Rusaviainter» is responsible for carrying out of maintenance service of a passenger interior. Into the list of repair work includes: shifting with a new fabric; oversizing panels with decorative films; painting and elimination of holes and mechanical scratches. The plane complete repair is made on capacities of JSC "VASO".

At the given stage, JSCS “Rusaviainter»  does works on repair and modernization of window panels, splash panels and heating boxes, covers of luggage shelves are subject to changes also. On turn - maintenance service of kitchen blocks, facing of shutters of the office compartments, armchairs and racks of stewards. Under the Contract the first car Il-96-300 (a serial number 02011) is planned to delivery in October, term of delivery of the second order is planned for 2012.

For JSCS “Rusaviainter»  it is not the first work with plane Il-96-300. In 2006 on unique technology of JSCS “Rusaviainter»  the easily removable interior was made for the Cuban airline «Cubana de Aviacion» with possibility of fast converting of a serial interior of the plane IL 96-300 in a variant of an interior of the increased comfort on all extent of operation of an aircraft. In 2007 – 2008 are made interiors of the increased comfort for planes IL 96-300 for delivery in the Administrative office of the President of the Russian Federation.

According to aviation rules, warranty period of a new interior is calculated on the term of operation of the plane that is about 30 years. Thus JSCS “Rusaviainter» provides a three-year guarantee on the product.



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