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New vacuum forming machine Print E-mail

09 March 2011.

From the beginning of March, 2011 JSCS “Rusaviainter” has started in the work a vacuum-forming machine made by request of the company on capacities of LLC "Magistral". The new equipment is intended for manufacturing of details from sheet and film thermoplasts by a method of thermal vacuum formation. The technology provides reception of a wide spectrum of products technical and a household purpose from the plastic diversified and original under the form.

Industrial department of JSCS “Rusaviainter" are confident that the hi-tech equipment will raise efficiency and volumes of output, and also a degree of quality of let out plastic products.

Buying the new vacuum-forming  equipment became the further stage in the development and expansion of a spectrum of the services of JSCS “Rusaviainter . Now the enterprise does not depend on subcontractors and we have  a possibility to make facings for covers of luggage shelves of plane An-148, and also many other details and parts of interiors, including interior for the foreign aviation companies. For some months of operation it was possible to reach considerable reduction of terms and manufacture reduction in price. Today by means of JSCS “Rusaviainter» a vacuum-forming machine makes the whole list of details of thermoplasts for plane An-148 interior: facings of covers of luggage shelves, and cups for window panels, plafonds for ceiling panels, etc. Till the end of 2011 we are planning to adjust the manufacture on formation of details from plexiglas.



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