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It’s Two Months Now – the Flight is Perfect Print E-mail

October 01, 2009

видеоThe first one moves on. The middle-distance airplane “An-148” has ascended.

And according to the experts’ opinion this small jet liner does not give in to foreign analogues. And the fact that it is a long-awaited airplane is not the only reason. The Ukrainian-Russian product has quickly assed the way from drawings and airplane sheds to peaceful sky above our heads. The point is that according to the cabin modifications the small airplane is nearly a leader in its category, a powerful competitor for the analogues. A triad of experienced designers carried out the interior design: engineering office Antonov ASTC, OJSC “VASO” and the CJSC “Rusaviainter”.
Despite the modest size, inside the jet there are a business class and an economy class with the total of 68 passengers. Using automobile technology this is the modification of de luxe class. However, “An-148” can easily be turned into an 85-seat airplane. And the level of comfort will be saved. What can a demanding passenger see in the cabin? There are comfort seatings covered with genuine leather with high backs and armrests, and you won’t have to set your legs against the neighbour’s back. A wide fuselage of “An-148” gives an opportunity to use the inner space of the cabin most effectively. In the seats’ backs there are comfortable tables. Under capacious stowage bins there is a service panel with the help of which you can control all the essential systems on board the plane: ventilation, lighting, emergency and on-duty lighting, oxygen equipment, comfort temperature support system and system of flight attendant call.

At option there are total 16 displays (per 8 on every board) and – if the buying airline prefers – there is satellite telephony. This means that you can use a telephone, the Internet and a fax machine without any limits (it is necessary to remind you of the annoying prohibition to use any means of connection on board the ordinary airplanes). For those who feel like walking during the flight there are two refreshment bars – in the front and back parts of the jet. Comfortable wardrobes are provided for passengers and the crew.

The materials and components are supplied by the best Russian and foreign manufacturers. There are decorative films, fabric and carpets as well as thermoplastic sheets by “Schneller”, paint-and-lacquer materials by “Mankiewicz”, plastics by “Europlex”, artificial stone by “Dupont Corian Dove” and polymer honeycomb plastics by FGUP NPO “Thechnologiya”.

Working at the interior the designers and manufacturers set the goal to improve the interior operational characteristics and to present the passengers with an opportunity of enjoying the comfortable stylish cabin.

So far this interior is a piece-work, nearly an exclusive, but by the end of 2009 “Rusaviainter” is going to equip three “An-148” airplanes with such interior in order to increase the result by six times.



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