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18 August, 2009

“Rusaviainter” company brought a budget airplane to the requirements of a business class.

On the basis of “An-148” they developed several modifications for people of business. It is planned for 19 passengers (for comparison, a standard “An-148” carries up to 85 passengers). A brand-new aircraft is called “Antonov Business Jet”. It looks like an ordinary plane only from the outside. Inside it is totally different. The CJSC “Rusaviainter” introduced a fragment of ABJ interior at International Aviation and Space Show in Moscow in 2009 (МАКS-2009). It was simple to turn an air taxi into a limousine because thanks to its construction “An-148” is adapted to transformations: a wide fuselage gives an opportunity to use the inner space of the cabin most effectively. That is why all intercabin partitions, overhead and side panels literally widen the space. They emphasize the perspective and do not associate with usual closeness. Rotating seatings of genuine leather can turn horizontal, there are comfortable folding divans, three-position tables, curtains of accordion pleats type with remote control and natural lighting of the cabin add to the passenger-friendly atmosphere.

By the way, not every person can feel at home on board the plane. One can need an office, a conference-hall and a flying hotel and a hall for negotiations with a table and four seats, a divan and the full complex of audio and video facilities. All these benefits are available for the business passengers of the Antonov Business Jet. The auxiliary rooms are worth paying special attention. According to the project even the lavatory units are equipped by a mixer tap, a dispenser with liquid soap, the litter-collector lid with infrared detectors, a system of stream-handling conditioned water supply with the use of technology of disinfection by ultraviolet rays.
However, the most important for “Rusaviainter” is the functionality and high technologies, as well as irreproachable style. By the way, some skeptical experts doubt the fact that the market niche for such aircraft is necessary large, because the competition in the sector of business-jets is too high. Although the final decision is for the customers. “An-148” – or more exactly Antonov Business Jet – with the similar quality, functionality and comfort is nearly at one-third more accessible than the closest competitors.



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