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At this stage the colour and shape specified by the designers should correspond to all of the production requirements. With the help of up-to-date computer technologies constructors turn an interior electron model into a package of construction documentation. One of the important tasks is to contribute to the improvement of technological process. It is necessary to find and implement such engineering solutions that allow combining the ergonomics and esthetics of design, functionality and individual style.

CJSC “Rusaviainter” constructors carry out:

  • complex conceptual projecting of an interior;
  • creating of draft proposals and sketch designs;
  • development of work papers and technological documents;
  • research and development work;
  • scientific-research work.

For the purpose of integration of all the services on a company scale CJSC “Rusaviainter” realized the moving to integrated Control over life cycle of the products on the basis of software. An Integrated information environment contributes to the resources distribution optimization and provides the correspondence of subdivisions work to international quality standards.




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