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интерьер самолётов





Interiors of business-class and economy-class by CJSC “Rusaviainter” are the similar example of high level of comfort and taking care of passengers. They are quality, functional and ergonomic.

Rational kinematics and mechanics. Minimal level of noise during the flight, safety of all systems’ functioning using only licensed aviation materials. The planning of interior elements is fulfilled with taking widening of closed space into consideration. The design of partitions between cabins, high ceilings accentuate the perspective, the auxiliary units are organized in the way that they do not break the harmony of space. The engineering solutions of widow curtains, overhead stowage bins, passenger seats, lighting systems combine functionality and esthetics. Capacious wardrobes crown the feeling of composition reasoning.

There are comfort soft aviation seatings with high back and cosy armrests, all-purpose tables assembled into passenger seats, audio/video control units, a forward looking camera for the passengers’ full rest. There are auxiliary rooms: modern kitchen units, lavatory units equipped with vacuum lavatories.

Production interiors are packaged with the system of In Flight Entertainment, light alarm system, lighting, emergency and on-duty lighting, oxygen system, system of flight attendant call and passengers’ announcement, systems of passengers’ individual serving and comfort temperature support. Working over creation of the production interiors the company pursues the following standards – high quality and reliability, highest possible comfort and functionality.



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