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интерьер самолёта

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The Closed Joint-Stock Company “Rusaviainter” is one of the Russian leaders in the development and manufacturing of production interiors and interiors of premium comfort. State-of-the-art equipment, highest possible customization, compliance with the highest international standards, following the modern market trends helped the CJSC “Rusaviainter” to become a partner with the leading companies in the Russian aircraft industry sector. Perfect quality, the constant searching for new ideas, forms and technologies are the fundamental priorities of “Rusaviainter”.

  “Rusaviainter” produces totally integrated air systems that provide the passengers with the high level of comfort and the air company with the unique brand.

Long-run relationship with the clients, continuing growth of the design and manufacturing departments’ potential, accurate monitoring of the market of aircraft industry sector service allows “Rusaviainter” to improve the products and service uninterruptedly.

The company has been running since 2003. The main office is situated in Voronezh in the territory of one of the largest Russian aircraft building enterprise the OJSC “VASO”. High-performance production base, working in cooperation with the leading design-engineering departments of the country guarantee the successful realization of the projects.


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